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Discover how you score against the high performance leadership indicators and what you need to do to increase your ability to motivate and inspire others using our FREE scorecard. Simply answer some quick questions to generate instant results and get immediate feedback on 4 key areas of leadership.


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Executive Career Jump Leadership Hub consists of 3 parts - Core Training, Curated TedTalks & Leadership Videos and Curated Leadership Articles

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Group Coaching & Expert Speakers

Group Calls every 6 weeks including high level, paid expert speakers on everything from psychology to resilience to the new world of work.

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Curated TedTalks, Videos & Articles

A carefully curated content feed in your platform and private member's group with the latest thought leadership and insight.

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High-level original online content on hiring, coaching, personal branding and vision making.

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  • 90 minute Group Calls hosted by Andrew MacAskill every 6 weeks
  • Invites to special sessions with high level, paid expert speakers on everything from psychology to resilience to the new world of work
  • Online learning platform with original & curated content specifically for senior leaders
  • A supportive networking group of executives
  •  Exclusive collaboration, mentoring and personal branding opportunities
  • Access to a private LinkedIn Group

We were recently delighted to welcome Jamil Qureshi as one of our expert speakers

Jamil usually only talks at large events so it was a fantastic opportunity for ECJ members to talk to Jamil in such an intimate environment.

Jamil Qureshi is one of today's foremost practitioners of performance-enhancing psychology. He has enjoyed working with a rich diversity of the most talented business and sports people in the world.

He has helped six sports people get to number one in the world.

In 2006, he was appointed as the first-ever official golf psychologist to the European Ryder Cup team.

Jamil has worked with 22 golfers inside the top 50 in the world including two world number ones.

He has worked successfully with three English Premiership football clubs, and the 2009 Ashes winning cricketers.

In business and industry Jamil has worked with companies in over 21 different countries last year alone helping teams to fulfil their potential.

This year he has been retained by a number of organizations such as GSK, Lloyds Banking Group, SAS, to ensure future relevancy in the new context.

Jamil has developed and delivered change and leadership programmes at board level for Hewlett Packard, Emirates Airlines, Coca Cola, and Unilever.

He also lectures on the prestigious World Program, in the US, UK and China.

He is a world recognised speaker on all aspects of the psychology of performance.

Interestingly, he is one of only a few external psychologists ever to be allowed to study astronauts on the NASA Space Programme.

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Jamil Qureshi
Motivational Speaker &
Performance Coach

What our Leadership Hub members had to say about the group session with Jamil...

Hearing from Jamil Qureshi was a breath of fresh air - such an insightful discussion with nuggets pouring out. I took two pages of notes but within the same week have already gone back to highlight large chunks so I can build on these insights further.

The discussion with Jamil Qureshi hosted by Penny and Andrew was a cut above. As a leader you tend to spend lots of time in conferences and presentations. Great quality certainly stands out and this was one such occasion.

I found myself nodding and smiling for the whole hour Jamil Qureshi spoke to us. Confirmation, affirmation - call it what you like but it was time well spent as a leader looking for actionable insights.

I recently attended a seminar from the Executive Leadership Hub, with the guest speaker Jamil Qureshi talking about his role as a performance coach & psychologist. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. Half expecting the self-centred waffle and blowing of dandelion seeds kind of talk, and I couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was engaging, original, funny, and a 1st rate discussion that continues to float around my brain today. Many points to remember and take away, but the one for me was about emails. Jamil discussed that simply taking time to consider ‘How you want the responder to feel’ when they read your email is an excellent piece of advice, indeed thought-provoking. I now spend extra time compiling my emails (reducing the number I send) and thinking hard about how I want them to feel. Recommend to all.


I loved being part of the ECJ leadership hub session! Jamil was a brilliant first guest - what a brain, and he was also pretty funny, which was a nice surprise! The session covered so much, including getting the best out of teams, driving change, and enabling high performance. It was great that we could ask so many questions and hearing perspectives from the other leaders in the group was really helpful.


I really enjoyed the session. It was great to take a break from the day and focus on some personal development. It's always great to hear from an expert in the field. It gave me food for thought and some practical tips on how to deal with Leadership Challenges we all face. Looking forwards to the next session :-)


As always the ECJ team delivers yet another thought provoking session; this time on mindset and mindshift for how we achieve success. The session was pitched and aimed at Senior Leaders, with some real and practical ideas for what we need to consider when we drive growth, change, and personal development. Thank you.


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