Interview Training & Bootcamp

This is one-on-one interview coaching at its very best


If we're honest no-one likes interviews.

They can be awkward, un-nerving and can often turn into a job in themselves, with interview processes that take months, hours of gruelling interviews, take-home assignments and requests for panel presentations to board members. 

On top of that, you rarely get honest feedback from interviews and can often be left wondering where it all went wrong.

However the great news is that interview technique can be taught. 

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Book A 90-Minute Coaching Session With Your Own Perfectly-Matched Personal Career Coach Today And Gain All The Skills, Tools & Confidence You Need To Ace Your Next Interview

The session is suitable for anyone who has not been successful at interviews recently or has a major interview coming up whereby they want to perform at their very best and can't afford to miss out.

What's Included...

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Interview Training & Bootcamp


  • Needs assessment to specifically match you with exactly the right ECJ coach for you (Andrew, Penny or Sarah)
  • 45 minutes of full interview practice and role play.   
  • 45 minutes of detailed and candid feedback, the like of which you never get in the job market!  
  • General insights on technique, CV and narrative.
  • Clarity on your blind spots and where you can improve. 
  • Insight that 'blows up the bombs' in advance that could hurt you in interview.
  • Advice and strategy on how to manage video interview effectively.
  • Learn how to 'tell your story' so that it resonates.
  • Learn simple strategies such as being armed at interview with your 'killer up front question'.
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Jonathan Tarttelin FCIPD, Change Leader, HR Director

"Andrew manages to effortlessly balance credible, qualified feedback with a personable yet professional style. He clearly ‘does his homework’ ahead of a session and encourages clients to look at themselves through a different lens, but also keeping at the heart the core skills and achievements of what has made those he supports successful. His knowledge of LinkedIn alone is worth investing in his time and support, but you will soon learn he offers so much more. I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough.

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